UK Origin

All team members work from home offices and labs to save on overheads All our systems and procedures are optimised for home working. Our customers benefit in so many ways from this approach. Having said that we're on hand being spread down the back-bone of the country, should we be needed for site & supplier visits.

COTRONICS Manufacturing Ltd.

Global Experience

We are able to service contracts globally, We use the latest web and conference software and all of us are well practiced in on-line meeting protocols. Access to technical translators where necessary.

COTRONICS Manufacturing Ltd.


Stuck for insiration?

You've got the idea but you just can't get it out!!!!!!
We can help to:
* brainstorm,
* rationalise,
* concepualise,
* visualise,
* realise,
* prototype,
* sample,
* jury judge,
* market trial and finally
* productionise