Welcome to COTRONICS Website, we're here to provide you with a one stop workshop from creative and innovative product design to large scale manufacturing.

You've just taken the first step to an easier life.

• COTRONICS will innovate, collaborate and develop your product through to production and even manage that for you.

• We're on hand to push your imagination, to help you to take your idea all the way.

• We'll use our expertise to optimise your product beyond your expectations

• We've come together to do it differently. We love to disrupt the status-quo.

• We're here to make a difference through inventive advantage.


Yes we're a new company, but collectively we've been around for nearly a century

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Why now?

Because we're excited about how we can work after COVID-19, if you look at our UK based business model we believe we can offer you a real advantage from cost as well as our world of experience